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Muswell Hill Primary School

Vision & Values

Golden Values and Pledge

Muswell Hill is underpinned by the values: 







To our pupils we pledge:

At Muswell Hill Primary School, the staff and governors are working every day so that by the time you leave us:

  1. You will love learning new things, feel ready for the future and want to keep on learning.
  2. You will understand how you learn best, learn from your mistakes and how to persevere.
  3. You will know what it feels like to be motivated to be good at something, and to have achieved your very best.
  4. You will understand just how incredible you are! You will believe in yourself and have the confidence to follow your dreams.
  5. You will have grown as healthy and strong as you can, and you will know how to look after your body and your mind.
  6. You will know friendship and will have learned how to get along with other people.
  7. You and your family will be supported and cared for if you struggle or meet obstacles during your time with us.
  8. You will feel part of your community, proud of your school, and inspired to make a difference.
  9. You will leave Muswell Hill with lots of good memories and be the best version of yourself.