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Muswell Hill Primary School


What we want for our children - the purpose of our curriculum

At Muswell Hill Primary School, learning is our priority; whether it is academic knowledge-based learning; learning in the Arts and Physical Education, learning to be a good citizen; learning to triumph over challenges or learning to respect ourselves and others, or learning to become the best version of ourselves

Our curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of the national curriculum and to:

  • provide every child with their right to a high quality education embedded in an inspiring and creative curriculum, enriched with opportunities to stretch their individual talents and interests
  • enable every child to use well developed oracy skills to think, learn, reason, explore, communicate, create and influence
  • develop every child’s ability to be a creative thinker and problem solver
  • help every child to develop independence and resilience to enable them to be responsible and accountable for their learning and behaviour
  • ensure every child is heard, understood and valued
  • enable every child’s learning experience to be enriched with an inspiring arts programme, including specialist music teaching, Mandarin teaching and specialist art teaching
  • provide an inclusive sporting curriculum led by PE specialists to improve physical literacy, promote fitness, develop competitiveness and build character
  • enable every child’s learning experience to be enriched by an outdoor learning environment which supports their curiosity, play, social and personal development
  • enable every child to become a global citizen and be inspired to make a difference

In essence, the curriculum has been designed to reach the ‘head, heart and hand’ of every child to ensure effective learning takes place to help our children thrive in the 21st Century.

Purpose & Curriculum

Please click here to view our Purpose and Curriculum policy  

How we achieve this

Our curriculum is organised into topics and units which have been purposefully selected to ignite children’s interests and connect them to the world around them. These topics incorporate the knowledge, skills and processes of each of the different curriculum areas while promoting the links within and across subjects so that there is progression, challenge and depth. Where particular subject learning does not have a direct connection to a topic, this is taught discretely. We aim to help the children understand that the more knowledge they acquire, the more they can develop their understanding of the world around them and begin to think creatively and critically about it.

Our curriculum is enriched by well-planned trips, workshops, experiences and home learning projects, which are closely linked to the curriculum objectives. These ensure the children at Muswell Hill Primary School develop the confidence to connect with the opportunities, experiences and resources in their locality and beyond, enabling them to view themselves as important contributors to, and influencers of, their environment. When they begin a new topic, each year group sends out a ‘curriculum map’ detailing what will be covered. We celebrate the diversity in our community and endeavour to ensure our curriculum is culturally and socially relevant to the children who make up our school.

Our curriculum leaders and our class teachers ensure there is clear progression of knowledge and skills, and opportunities for creativity, whilst ensuring learning is purposefully planned and sequenced appropriately. We endeavour to create opportunities for enterprise, ingenuity and leadership, to prepare our children for the future. Where possible, we strive to involve, or share learning with, members of the wider school community.

To help children stay safe online we follow our Online Safety Policy and regularly signpost parents/carers to useful information about online safety in our newsletters.

Muswell Hill Primary School has published the SEN Information Report for children with special educational needs.

Please click here for the policy and information report 2022-23.