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Muswell Hill Primary School


At Muswell Hill Primary School we believe and value creativity.

We recognise the importance if inspiring and engaging the children to be curious about art and design. Our aim is to support our children in developing their experience of high-quality teaching and learning of art and design. We develop their knowledge, skills and talents in drawing, painting and other techniques. They also learn about great artists and designers – exploring their works and understand the meaning behind them and get to work with our very own art specialist.

Our children are provided with many opportunities to make links in developing and applying these skills across the curriculum. They also learn how to evaluate their work and skills that they have learnt. Each child has a sketch book that they use as the move through the school to showcase their developing skills.

We take every opportunity possible to showcase children’s work and hold ‘A night at the exhibition’ each year and have strong links with Alexandra Palace, PATN Haringey Arts network and Outreach at St Martins.

Our curriculum has been reviewed to ensure we study relevant artists who are local, rich in diversity and from across the globe over history. In Key Stage 2 some of our art aligns with other areas of our Humanities curriculum.

In line with the national curriculum 2014, the curriculum at MHPS aims to ensure that all pupils: https://www.gov.uk/national-curriculum/key-stage-1-and-2