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Muswell Hill Primary School


At Muswell Hill Primary School we recognise the importance of Music as a form of creativity and ensure that it is firmly embedded in our curriculum.

Our aim is that our children have access to range of music, and the opportunity to explore how it is created. A key part of the curriculum is that they have the opportunity to create their own music, learn to sing and play musical instruments.

Music is a subject that is celebrated and enjoyed by all children across the school. Muswell Hill Primary School is extremely proud of its choir and orchestra who have performed on many occasions at school, across Haringey, and even at the Royal Albert Hall during the bi-annual Haringey Music Festival.

Our teachers deliver universal music lessons based on a highly structured learning sequence. The school encourages and enables children to peruse their own talents through learning how to play a musical instrument. As part of the Wider Opportunities Fund, each child in Year 4 learns the violin or classical guitar. Y5 supplement their knowledge of classical music by working with Apollo Music throughout the year. Through the school’s links with Haringey Music, children can be signposted to opportunities within and beyond the school that they can pursue to develop their talents further-with the opportunity to learn to play many other instruments.

The school also works in partnership with ‘Rock Steady’. Children can work together to form a band. They write their own songs, learn to play an instrument and give regular performances along their journey of discovery. The school holds an annual ‘Music Night’. Any child can perform on the night to a public audience. This has gained momentum over the previous years and has become a favourite in the school calendar. Children also perform at community events such as the Summer and Winter Fair, Sing for Soupy – a charity fund raiser for the local soup kitchen and last year got the opportunity to sing with Lesley Garrett during a fund-raising event for children with autism.

In line with the national curriculum 2014, the curriculum at MHPS aims to ensure that all pupils: https://www.gov.uk/national-curriculum/key-stage-1-and-2