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Muswell Hill Primary School


Parents/Carers Useful Information

We are proud of our wonderfully diverse and talented community of parents and carers and are delighted with the engagement they show in both supporting their children in their learning and the school in our efforts to provide engaging and creative learning opportunities.

When a child starts school here we ask all parents/carers and children to read and sign our Mutual Home/School Learning Agreement which outlines what we will do for your child(ren) and what we, in turn, would like you to do to support us.  You can see a copy of this agreement here.

We hope that you will find the practical information we have provided in our Parent and Carer Handbook useful.  If we have missed anything out, please do give us feedback - we want to include the sort of information that you find helpful. 

We have a long and comprehensive Communications Policy; a summary sheet for parents and carers is available here.